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Become Trusted Advisors

Build Loyal, Trusted Relationships With Clients and Prospects

Kaitongo helps you send proactive, personalized news and insights about investments in your clients' portfolios.

Be Proactive and Personalized

Kaitongo sets your client outreach apart from one-size-fits-all approaches. It helps you personalize outreach to the unique needs of each of your clients based on their age, stage, and portfolio goals.

Show Up Confident & Credible

Demonstrate the credibility to your decisions regarding their portfolio by delivering news and insights about the key investments in their portfolios and the market conditions that drive those decisions.

Become a Trusted Advisor

Building relationships with your clients through a consistent combination of credible content and curated recommendations helps you evolve into a trusted advisor.

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Get relevant news, market and client intelligence to your inbox, ready to send to your top clients.

Identify Your Top Clients

Select your top prospects and clients that you want to build a stronger business with. Identify their role, company, and industry to receive relevant insights.

Receive Content Relevant to their Role and Company

Get proactive email notifications regarding market, company, and industry insights relevant to your prospects. Stay on top of what matters to them and their business.

Get Prompted on Sparking Meaningful Conversations

Kaitongo provides you with recommendations on how to leverage the content and spark a conversation on the topic using email and social media.

We integrate directly with leading B2B customer relationship platforms

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Insights to Help Advisors Acquire and Retain Clients.


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