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Get Your Fee Earners on Track to Becoming Trusted Advisors

Kaitongo helps you leverage content and news your clients care about to build credibility, instantly.

Protect Your Billable Hours

Client outreach is no quick feat, and if you want to drive meaningful conversation, it takes a ton of your team's time researching and curating a strategy.

Show Up Confident & Credible

The key to initiating meaningful conversations is to bring credible content that directly impact your client's business, alongside your expertise and advice on the topic.

Become a Trusted Advisor

Building relationships with your clients through a consistent combination of credible content and curated recommendations helps you evolve into a trusted advisor.

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Get relevant news, market and company intelligence to your inbox, ready to send to your top clients.

Identify Your Top Prospects

Select your top prospects and clients that you want to build a stronger business with. Identify their role, company, and industry to receive relevant insights.

Receive Content Relevant to their Role and Company

Get proactive email notifications regarding market, company, and industry insights relevant to your prospects. Stay on top of what matters to them and their business.

Get Prompted on Sparking Meaningful Conversations

Kaitongo provides you with recommendations on how to leverage the content and spark a conversation on the topic using email and social media.

We integrate directly with leading B2B customer relationship platforms

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