Business Development Ethics: Tips for Selling With Integrity & Building Trust With Customers

Business development is a fundamental skill in growing your career and plays a crucial role when it comes to landing new clients and closing deals. Sales ethics implies doing what is right for your clients and prospects.

Demonstrating strong business development ethics can take your company to the next level and foster a strong reputation amongst your clients and competitors

Learn more about sales ethics with Kaitongo and the tips we provide on selling with integrity and building trust with your customers by reading our full blog post below.

What Are Sales Ethics?

Sales ethics is ensuring that your prospects and customers are treated fairly, kindly, and with the respect that they deserve. It isn’t forcing an agenda onto them or using unethical practices to close a deal. By practicing ethical selling and respecting their choices, you can build stronger relationships and loyalty from your customers and prospects.

How to Sell With Integrity

Here are a few tips for selling with integrity:

Believe in Your Product

Not only should you be an expert on your product or service, but you should also believe in its capabilities. Your product or solution makes up the meat of your business and acts as the selling point you use when approaching clients and prospects.

If you’re not convinced it can help the business or life of your prospect, it will likely be reflected in how you sell. Integrity encompasses honesty, and trying to sell a product you are unsure about would be committing a disservice to your buyers.

Be Honest & Authentic

Be genuine in your sales approach and the value proposition you have to make. Build an honest relationship and provide value before asking for their time. From there, be straightforward in your approach and direct that you want to do business with them. Deception can tarnish your reputation and negatively impact your chance to do business with that client and likely others.

Respect Your Client’s Time

Time is the most important commodity in the world, and busy professionals don't typically have much to spare. If you want to make a sale and build a relationship, respect their time by following some of these tips:

  • Show up on time
  • Be prepared
  • Avoid rescheduling when possible
  • Be attentive

Don’t Attack Your Competitors

Bad-mouthing your competitors can reflect negatively on your own business. Be confident in your product or service and let its value speak for itself. Don't waste time talking poorly about your competitors and risking your reputation.

How to Build Trust With Customers

Trust is crucial to meaningful relationships, and building trust with your customers can lead to increased loyalty and business. Here are a few tips for building trust:

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Customer service and being easily contactable is often very effective for building client trust. It shows them you care and is committed to helping their business thrive. If they approach you with an issue, try to handle it quickly and be attentive to their needs. Here are some ways you can provide excellent customer service:

  • Treat your customers with respect and kindness
  • Attend to issues and asks promptly
  • Find solutions that meet your customer's needs
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Have a positive attitude

Ask and Act on Feedback

Asking for feedback is the first step to helping your customers and clients better. However, more than just asking is needed. Within reason, you should be acting on the feedback that is provided. Show them you're dedicated to improving your services and the value you can provide.

Share Testimonials or Case Studies

Testimonials and case studies are a great way to demonstrate the effectiveness of your product along with proof of concept. Testimonials are typically short videos or written texts delivered by a previous client who can speak to the effectiveness of your product or company.

A case study follows a similar format but generally takes a more detailed approach. It might follow the success story of a previous client and outline what was accomplished using your product and how it solved a paint point that might relate to potential prospects.

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March 31, 2023
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