Give Your Client-Facing Teams Something Valuable to Say

Insights to improve your revenue team's execution.

Relationship building happens at every stage of the client journey.

Kaitongo allows your teams to have personalized, value-driven touch points at every stage through the power of content and insights.


Prospect Engagement

While your competitors are asking for your prospects' time, each of your touch points are providing value—that's the competitive differentiator. Get the attention of your prospects with Kaitongo's news and insights, guiding your sellers to take head-turning actions and conversation starters, every time.

"I now have a reason to reach out to my prospects with something they're going to care about. Game changer."
— Sales Development Representative


Champion Engagement

Relationship building never stops, and it's even more important to nurture the champions you've won. Keep them engaged with Kaitongo's client and market insights to ensure you're delivering value consistently as the Trusted Advisor they see you as.

"It's so much easier to show up credible among my champions. As soon as I see news that are critical to their business, they can count on me to get it in front of them."
— Account Manager


Deal Acceleration

Kaitongo assists your teams before and after sales meetings with intelligent client insights that continues to keep conversations active. It's how you can manage to keep your active deals warm and remain top-of-mind against your competitors.

"Once my clients are evaluating on whether to do business with our firm, I can depend on Kaitongo to serve me intel I need to consistently provide trusted advice."
— Senior Associate


Account Intelligence

Enrich your CRM platforms at the frequency of your choice with easy-to-configure news and insight enrichment workflows. Get client insights into your database at the account and contact level to enable your teams at their fingertips.

"It was an easy integration to set up. We now have Kaitongo feed content into our Salesforce Instance that our teams can use in conversations."
— CRM Administrator


Account-Based Marketing

Use account intelligence to build account-based marketing plans against your target accounts. Your marketing team no longer need to search across Google andindustry research, or depend on sales inputs to build messaging, offers, and plans to win your largest accounts.

"We work with our sales team to build marketing plans for each of our top accounts leveraging insights from Kaitongo."
— Marketing Manager

Insights to Fuel Relationships

No matter the team, your work requires a more in-depth understanding of your client's progress, problems, and overall industry landscape. Build stronger relationships with your clients by using insights to fuel every touchpoint with them.